Virgin America: Anything but ‘blah’

Virgin America have had a good year on the stateside advertising plains. Their latest endeavour sets them apart once again with another unique approach to driving (or should that be flying) home their points of difference. 

From their branded Instavids (the first one truly made us chuckle –#buttselfie) to the launch of their new website intended to make flight booking ‘faster, smoother and more intuitive’, Virgin have consistently shown their character, humour and intent to be way ahead of their opponents… and it works. Look no further than their safety video

Last week, they shared their latest viral campaign – ‘Have you been flying BLAH Airlines?’ The five hour forty-six minute video (yes, really) simulates a Newark-San Francisco flight aboard a fictional and abundantly sub-standard airline, BLAH Airlines. The video features an airbus full of creepy mannequins and shares, in mind-numbingly boring and painfully accurate detail, the experience of that one awful flight that we have all endured… banal conversation with fellow travellers to boot. If a five hour video wasn’t enough to highlight their superior service, in their usual humour, Virgin America have gone the whole nine with an officialWebsite so awful it is brilliant (Fax included in the social media icons and a working Live Chat, genius), a Twitter handle (@BLAHAirlines) and, ensuring offline is as well serviced as BLAH’s online services, a dedicated BLAH hotline with a lengthy menu and ample information around their inevitable flight delays.

A ‘more money than sense’ approach to marketing? Possibly. But it made us laugh and it definitely made the point. When will there be a UK airline working as hard as this on their brand presence, please?!