Vibe: Daj Jordan – No Type/Unthinkable

Ever wondered what hip hop sounds like on a violin? Me neither. Until, wait…

Classic hip hop, you say? On a violin, you beam? We’re intrigued. As are the 14,000 folks following Daj Jordan on Instagram, religiously ‘oooh’ing’, ‘ah’ing’ and being spun out by his selection of (mainly but not strictly) hip hop heavyhits played on his violin. And we can see why, having just spent an hour scrolling through the videos to see what gems we’ll find – Santana’s ‘Maria Maria’ was a particularly welcomed throwback.

He’s just released his first full-length video with an exclusive at Nowness featuring Rae Sremmurd ‘No Type’ & Alicia Keys ‘Unthinkable’.

In conclusion: serenaded with Oochie Wally, on a violin, by a man with a ‘fro? YE… Ok maybe not Oochie Wally, but for breathing new life into classics, throwing in a new angle on covers and making it refreshing to hear hip hop in a new light, we salute you Daj Jordan… even if you aren’t the first to do it.