Venture: Secret Garden Party

Tucked away on a beautiful farm in Cambridgeshire you will find the wondrous festival that is Secret Garden Party. From Thursday to Sunday it is transformed into a glorious extravaganza of self-expression, art, music and complete and utter freedom.

We arrived on Thursday afternoon, set up our tent and headed straight in! Not wanting to miss a second of music, especially while the festival was basked in glorious sunshine.

The variety of stages and eclectic mix of bands, musicians, DJ’s and everything in between means you are never bored and can vary your festival experience by simply moving from¬†stage to stage. And it’s not just the entertainment that offers variation, so too, do the stages; from one stage looking like a giant toy boat in the middle of the lake, to a hidden stage tucked deep into the woods made only from old wood. This attention to detail adds greatly to the overall experience and has to be one of the reasons why Secret Garden will forever be one of our favourite festivals.

If you’re not there next year, you’ll be missing out! Check out their website here.