Venture: #videogamedemocracy @BOXPARK

Our recent brush with the #Gamergate debate at Shoreditch House this Monday has got us thinking… We liked gaming much better back when it was all about the plumber who saves the princess and the hedgehog who loves rings. Tetris, Tekken, Donkey Kong… You really can’t beat the retro classics.

Luckily, Video Game Democracy are back! The team behind Joypad Bar are hosting a night of retro gaming at Boxpark (upperdeck) this Friday. Here’s what they say about the night…

“Go right back to those halcyon days with a classic controller in your hand and experience it all again in stunning SD through our B&O CRT monitors.”

The perfect antidote to HD hookers etc… Simply no “slut tropes” allowed.

Get your tickets here.