The Ocean and Adidas

About 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is water, however over time we have abused this particular part of our ecosystem and in the last 50 years, humans have produced an estimated 700 million tonnes of plastic that now inhabits our oceans, an alarming thought to say the least.

Parley for the Oceans is an initiative which sets out to combat this issue by recycling all of our ocean waste into something useful and more importantly, into something that inspires the consumer. What better way to do so than tapping into popular culture? Parley have done just this, collaborating with artists such as Pharell Williams and brands such as G-Star RAW to create a platform for change and a greener world.

Global sportswear brand Adidas have recently partnered with Parley and set out to get involved in this change. What’s the outcome? Designer Alexander Taylor building a running shoe which replaces Adidas’ regular materials with Ocean waste such as plastic and fishing nets… Pretty cool and an innovative way to tackle the issue, we think!

Adidas unveiled their new design at their ‘Oceans. Climate. Life.’ talk in New York recently. What’s most striking about the beautiful design of the shoe is the way in which the build and embroidery is reminiscent of the sea, an admirable and well-considered nod to the heart of the design and concept.

We absolutely love everything about this project, yes Adidas – we salute you!