One Million Commandments

New Year’s resolution anyone? Or maybe just some words of inspiration to get you through a Monday morning? CRAVE goes in search of some alternative spiritual guidance…

In an age when ten just wasn’t enough, net artist and hip-hop obsessive Cecilia Azcarate teamed up with a graphic designer named Felipe Rocha and a coder called Tiago Duarte to make One Million Commandments, essentially a giant database that collects all the moral advice, pearls of wisdom, and profound utterings that rappers dish out on twitter every day.

Since rappers have already been deified to the point of becoming higher beings it would only follow that we should now hold onto their every declaration as law… right? If you don’t worship at the altar of Yeezy, Tyler et al. and you remain unconvinced, here’s a thought: It seems like The Lord has been a little busy for the last 2000 years, so we suggest killing an afternoon scrolling through these.