CRAVE: Creative of the Month

Hattie Newman is somewhat of a whiz with paper. We realise this might sound a little ambiguous so, to be more precise, she’s a ‘set designer and image-maker’ based here in CRAVE’s hometown, London. 

Her previous clients reads a very impressive list of Royal Mail, Cadbury, Sony, Louis Vuitton, NSPCC, Honda, GAP, Conde Nast, GQ, The Times and The Guardian, so it’s very likely you’ve come across her work already. Always charmingly ingenuous and appearing disarmingly simple, her creations are bold and playful, and in fact incredibly intricate. Using a variety of different materials, Hattie creates unique pieces of art that expand the imagination and transport to faraway lands where scale is no limit and objects have a life of their own. 

Aside from her commercial work, Hattie undertakes a number of personal projects, and it’s these more than anything that made us fall in love with her work. Her sense of fun and clear love of the art of paper-craft are infectious and endearing. Her time away from commercial projects is also spent giving frequent talks and workshops on the world of design, including at the ‘Papier Hier’ Festival in Amsterdam and ‘Beyonderground’ Festival in Belgium, as well as regularly teaching at the University of the West of England.

Check out Hattie’s Tumblr account for a feast of images from her creative projects, and contact her directly via her website.