Google’s Year in Search 2014

Unsurprisingly, we all get a little more reflective and nostalgic as the year draws to an end and a New Year is upon us. And every year without exception there are a number of stories, events and bizarre trends that grip pop culture all over the world. 2014 was no different. Given that every day, almost everywhere on the globe, we search, who better to wrap up 2014 than Google, sharing their annual Year in Search data? Enjoyable, particularly, for exposing Londoners’ apparent lack of ability to kiss…

The video accompanying this year’s data is heart-warming and reassuring all in the space of one minute and thirty-two seconds. It serves as a much-needed reminder that no matter where we are, how we look or what religion guides us, we all care about the same issues – hope, greatness, inspiration, laughter. We still care primarily about people, 2013 saw Nelson Mandela top the global search chart (pre and post his passing), for 2014, it was Robin Williams. Also in the top 10 global chart, Conchita Wurst, ISIS and one of Disney’s biggest successes, ever, Frozen.

The global top 5 looked like this:

1. Robin Williams

2. World Cup

3. Ebola

4. Malaysia Airlines

5. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

As it turns out, 2014 was defined by the World Cup on home turf, with ‘World Cup 2014’ topping the chart for the UK.:

1. World Cup 2014

2. iPhone 6

3. Peaches Geldoff

4. Robin Williams

5. Rik Mayall

For the first time, Google have split data into city-by-city breakdowns offering a real wealth of information and understanding when you peruse the site.

Other nuggets from 2014’s search trends reveal that Londoners can’t kiss but we all (intellect aside) want to know how to draw…

Top 3 ‘How to’ searches for London:

1. How to kiss

2. How to draw

3. How to meditate

(in stark contrast to)…

Top 3 ‘How to’ searches for Oxford:

1. How to paraphrase

2. How to draw

3. How to crochet

There will always be an alarming number of pre-pubescent/hormonal adolescents with too much internet time on their hands wondering what life is…

Top 3 ‘What is’ searches for UK:

1. Ebola

2. ALS

3. Love

We’re still undecided on what best accompanies afternoon tea…

Top 5 Cake Recipe searches for UK:

1. Chocolate

2. Lemon Drizzle

3. Banana

4. Carrot

5. Sponge

And we still watch bad TV, shamelessly:

Top 5 TV show searches for UK:

1. Peppa Pig

2. Eastenders

3. Game of Thrones

4. Big Brother

5. Coronation Street

Check out the full website here. And top charts, here.