Glastonbury 2015

So another year of Glastonbury has been and gone, and with some of our favourite artists headlining this year’s Pyramid Stage, it’s certainly left us pining over what could have been.

However, thanks to the glorious power of technology we were able to get involved mud free with a pretty astounding view of the main stage, all from the comfort of our own home. Or in some cases on the 149 bus from Shoreditch to Hackney…

Friday saw Florence + The Machine headlining the festival in place of the mighty Foo Fighters, which we’re sure most will agree, leaves some pretty big boots to fill. As soon as the opening bars to ‘What The Water Gave Me’ began, Florence glided onto the stage in yet another sharp 70’s outfit, and proceeded to prove to us all that they deserved the poll position. Welch’s voice was pitch perfect and her energy boundless, which in turn, was reflected by the crowds fantastic response. Along with hits such as ‘You’ve Got the Love’, ‘Dog Day’s Are Over’ and a beautiful tribute to the Foo’s ‘Times Like These’, we think it’s safe to say that Florence and her Machine managed to nail it despite having such little preparation time for such a huge undertaking.

Saturday, on the other hand, was the headline act that pretty much everyone was waiting for: the ever entertaining, often bizarre and ranty, and in some corners of the CRAVE office ‘genius’ that is… Kanye West. In contrast to Florence + The Machine, the prep time was there but there was very little to show for it apart from, an albeit, amazing lighting display and a not so planned stage invader! The Arcadia stage set at the festival was framed by a huge robotic spider so we can surely be forgiven for being a little surprised by how stark Mr West’s set was. In hindsight, this is Kanye West we’re talking about; we should be grateful to be witnessing the self-proclaimed ‘greatest rockstar ever’ in action right? Credit where credit’s due; Kanye is a fantastic artist. The opening of his set showed us just as much, however, his lack of interest in his audience and overall demeanor along with the bare stage made the show lose that initial excitement as the set progressed.

For us, though Kanye’s performance was strong, the underdog Florence + The Machine won our firm appreciation this year. Our seal of approval AND a number one album – what more could a girl want, Flo!?

Until next time Glasto!