Election Eve requires some light relief

Let’s not exchange notes on ‘things you can’t do in a polling booth’ or get lost in heated political discussions to rival the Leaders’ Debates.

No instead, on this eve of election, let’s throw some air-grabs together for the leaders. Press play on Sky News’ contribution to the election noise.

Also, for those of you wondering or simply in need of some guidance tomorrow, here are 7 things to avoid in the polling booth:

here are 7 things to avoid in the polling booth:

1. Voting while under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs

2. Taking selfies in the polling booth (we think this should be number 1, actually)

3. Bringing your pet goldfish along with

4. Marking with a cross. Go wild and make it a tick, it’ll still count

5. Tweeting (IN the booth. Step over the line and get busy in 140 characters)

6. Telling other voters who you’ve voted for (it’s banned so take the argument outside)

7. Donning political clothing or a rosette of sorts for the occasion