Venture: Drifters Festival, Osea Island

There is only one word to describe Drifters festival and that is, perfect.

This year, Drifters again combined all that is wonderful about festivals: great music, happy people, an incredible atmosphere and everything in between… And then to make it that little bit extra special, bring all your home comforts; a double bed, shower and even a lounge with TV and this truly is just the beginning of Drifters’ magic.

Dubbed as “The County’s Poshest Festival,” Drifters is better described as a music holiday rather than a festival. You can choose between going for a swim in the pool or a spot of tennis all while the thud of music can be heard from a secret garden hidden within the island.

From start to finish the festival is an incredible experience, from crossing the causeway built on a road which a few hours later will be under the sea, to cycling around on the free bikes strewn across the island, to finding a hidden door through which there is a secret stage in a picturesque garden.

In our estimations of festivals (and we frequent a few), nothing quite compares. Bring on Drifters 2016!