CRAVE: Video of the Month – Down Days

Travelling offers different things to different people. To Vans Pro Surfers the Gudauskas brothers, travel has brought unlikely friends, fascinating stories and a unique knowledge of exotic places all over the planet.

They are experts at devouring the road less travelled on a budget. Join Dane, Tanner and Patrick for a cinematic adventure that is both a guide and journey, school and summer vacation. This is Down Days.

Episode 1 follows the crew to Torquay, Australia, where the brothers go on grom patrol and learn about the Torquay Boardriders Club with Aussie surfers Adam Robertson and Cahill Bell Warren. Next they go lawn bowling and get served by old school Aussie members. After a surf at Winkiepop, the boys’ final stop is the Bird Rock Cafe for beers and shots.