Venture: Design Museum – Designs of the Year

One of this year’s Graphics winners for the Design of the year is sparking some controversy. But is it well founded?

Paris design agency Marcel pipped it to the post of this years Design of the year with their campaign ‘Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables’ for French super-market Intermarché. The campaign sets out to reduce food waste by selling miss-shapen fruit and veg that would otherwise be discarded at a 30% discount of their attractive counterparts price.

Marcel approached the design in a simple yet effective way, using to the point imagery and captions. The campaign as a whole, being very well considered and executed. However, being up against competitors in the design world such as Riposte magazine and Pentagram, has led to criticism as to whether their place in the final of the Graphics category is well deserved.

Creative Review commented; “the idea itself seems the strongest element, rather than the craft behind it – particularly when placed against extensive identity systems, handcrafted books and a radically different approach to banknote design.” Suggesting that the design has been selected for this prestigious award based on the merit of the issues it tackles opposed to the design itself.

This begs the question – should the Intermarché campaign be awarded for the impact it’s having on world issues or purely from an aesthetic perspective? We’ll let you decide!

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