CRAVE win: Kiko Bun

CRAVE win creative direction and artwork on Island Records artist, Kiko Bun.

It’s been a busy ol’ start to the year at CRAVE HQ. When we’re all stressed and need to breathe – wooooosaaaaaaah – like any sensible city birds caught in the proverbial ‘rat-race’, we turn the music on loud and have a little wiggle.

And of late, we’ve found ourselves wiggling away to this guy, Kiko Bun. We think he’s… kind of a big deal. Unapologetic reggae, good vibes that make¬†your hips move in ways you forgot all about? That’s his bag. So when we heard on the grapevine that he’d signed to CRAVE friends, Island Records, we gallantly threw our hats in the ring for artworking the campaign.

This week we were over the moon to learn that our efforts were not in vain, CRAVE will be working closely with Island on creative direction and artworking the project. With no time to say ‘hooraaaah’, we’re squirreled away working on artwork for single one.

Morals of the story?

1. Be. Gallant.

2. Press play to the right, make like CRAVE and wiggle.