CRAVE Win: 8O8

It’s been a great year thus far at CRAVE HQ; we’ve added some luxury lifestyle brands to our mix, an international music festival and a host of projects in between that are keeping us on our toes. So when an opportunity with new whisky brand 8O8 came along, we chomped at the bits to add something a little different but equally exciting to the roster.

Having already delivered the brand’s first ever print ad in Ibiza’s Blue Marlin magazine (to the right), we’re really excited to start work with the team.

8O8 is a blended grain Scotch Whisky, with a seriously smooth, light taste which makes it the perfect addition to a huge variety of mixers; ginger ale being our favourite combination thus far, though it’s likely we’ll be adding to this list in coming weeks! Despite being early days, 8O8 has already firmly established itself in the club and festival scene (in both London and Ibiza), bringing with it a super cool new style and attitude. We’re looking forward to growing with the brand and changing things up a little.