Venture: Wildlife Festival

This weekend we headed down to sunny Brighton for the hotly anticipated Wildlife Festival presented by Rudimental & Disclosure. The lineup, location and hype had us very excited since January…

However, excitement quickly evaporated and our Wildlife troubles began. Getting to the festival proved to be absolute chaos, with queues over 2 hours for the shuttle buses, no apparent form of order and other options, like cabs, were a free for all.  All in all it took us a total of 3 hours 20 minutes to get from Brighton Town to inside the festival.

Once onsite, good vibes from fellow festival goers coupled with a blazing sunshine, our hopes were restored. Again, to be quickly dismissed with another queue for over half an hour to get a drink from the bar. Upon checking the festivals app for set times it told us everyone was playing at 12 midday (it was 6pm by this point…). And with no signs on any stages it was guess work as to where to go for each artist. The nail in the coffin came with the first artist (we caught) gracing the stage: the sound appeared to be considerably quieter than the usual festival roar.

With all this said, we’re not being unreasonable. It was the first day of the first year of a huge festival and for it to happen sans teething problems would have been near impossible. We wouldn’t write Wildlife off – the lineup was near perfect and with these very manageable problems resolved, we’ve no doubt that 2016 is set to be more in line with the potential that the boys have with this festival.